Fickle Tendencies

june 5, 2010 // derp!
Hi! I still can't believe Fanime passed & it's June already! My classes start on the 28th so I have until then to be lazy and draw! Rotfl, not that I don't already. xD Anyway, have some pchats. x)

MSN chat with Ellinor. ♥♥ We're married now. :)♥♥

And pchat with Pay and Ellinor. Kam was in there too but didn't draw. ):
I was the last one to leave the pchat. T_T

wooop, anyway, I should finish up this Egypt/Seychelles. See, I was gonna colour it all nice and 3D painterly but I figured the lines were too pretty to colour over. So Imma do some good ol' fashion FLAT COLOURING. FUCK YEAH.

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